Sommerhus Pøt Strandby (Juelsminde)

The area around Pøt Strandby
In the following you can find links to attractions, golf, swimming pool, etc. all of which are near the summer house.

If you are interested in museums you should visit the Glud Museum or the Massey Ferguson Museum, both situated within 10 minutes drive.


If you would like to go to the swimming bath - with a slide, hot water at 33 degrees, steam room or sauna - you can visit the swimming bath in Hornsyld which is 15 minutes drive away.


A short boat trip to the small beautiful natural pearl Endelave is always an experience. Here you can walk in the scenic surroundings and enjoy a lunch at Endelave Inn. On Endelave you can also enjoy the many opportunities for watersports on the island. The ferry departures from Snaptun which is 15 minutes drive away.


If you are tempted by a game of golf the Juelsminde Golf Club is situated within 15 minutes drive.


If you would like to go to a restaurant you can visit the Snaptun Færgegaard or Liniepavillionen in Juelsminde.


Besides this you can also find inspiration at the Juelsminde Tourist Office's website.


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